The most interesting glasses of 2021 – part 1

The on-going global situation related to the pandemic has significantly cut the optical industry’s calendar of fairs and events, that allow being up to date with eyewear novelties. Therefore I decided not to wait for a better tomorrow, but to take matters into my own hands, browse the entire Internet and present you the models of glasses that I found the most interesting in 2021.

I am convinced that not only people associated with the industry will find inspiration here, but also the bespectacled, who want to follow the latest trends.

Dear eyewear enthusiasts – take a look at the text and photos of the unconventional and extraordinary glasses chosen by me. I apologize in advance for the fact that some of the amazing brands may feel left out of the current list. You yourself understand that the topic is very broad and it is impossible to put everything into one article (remember that this is one of three or four publications). Who knows, maybe you will find your favourites in the next publishing?


Some time ago I wrote about the Kirk & Kirk brand in the pages of my blog. By participating in the largest European events or browsing the Internet, I have always been intrigued by these uncompromising London fixtures. And not only because of a solid structure, bold design and the best quality acrylic. Kirk’s models have always attracted me with their spirit and fantastic dyeing. Thanks to the passion of the owners – Jason and Karen Kirk – the continuators of the over 100-year-old Kirks Brothers eyewear craft, real eyeglass works of art are still created by hand.
Some time ago I was intrigued by the Horace model in Matte Ice colour from the latest, anniversary collection of Matte Canten. The manufacturer did not focus on a transparent structure with intense color this time. The Matte Canten collection consists of matte models with subdued colours named after members of the Kirk family – Jarvis, Eden, Ezra, Horace. My heart was stolen by a great old school frame with a double bridge and its form resembling a slightly crazy polygon. The Matte Ice tinting is a spot on choice for people who are a bit restrained in terms of colours, but uncompromising in terms of the form of the frames. Of course, this tone is also an ideal proposition for a hot day. I love it.


While browsing the world wide web in search of unique glasses and I came across this particular model, I decided that it must be included in my article, I immediately wrote to the manufacturer asking for the shipping of glasses, and he contacted me with a representative of the Dilem brand in Poland. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that one of my colleagues from the industry was the distributor of these frames. The world is really small.

Spectacular, charming, uncompromising, beautiful and exquisitely made. This is how I could sum up the model of sunglasses (symbol 3F00D), which are a showcase of crazy French brand founded in 2006. The company is experimenting a lot with the form, using innovative design solutions, such as extremely functional, interchangeable retainers. Dilem (dilemma in French) is a solution to the problem of clichéd, boring frames with repetitive shapes of sunglasses. Who knows what the passion and creative ideas of the founders of the brand – Daniel and Jerome will lead to in the coming years? I am cheering them on!

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear

Can you combine the super durability of glasses with their exceptional lightness, ergonomics and unique style? The Italian Blackfin proves that it can. It is a brand that uses the properties of Aerospace Metal (titanium) to perfection, for over 20 years exploring the secrets of its shaping and enhancing its properties. There are 53 production stages, where a special role is played by craftsmanship, meticulous work that allows you to create finally real, spectacle works of art. Therefore, do not be surprised that the male model of sunglasses (symbol TAO BF924) in matte, bottle green colours has become my love at first sight. It is the essence of style and advanced engineering. The front of this hypoallergenic and nickel-free frame is made out of one piece of titanium, and the bridge and retainers of the so-called beta titanium. The glasses immediately went to my business photo session as the main virtue. Anyway, see for yourself!


The fact that alternative fashion can be civilized and reconciled with a casual or even business dress code can be seen on the example of the Bogner sunglasses which I have chosen. In my opinion, this model is one of the most interesting unisex shades of this season. The original design goes hand in hand with the “steampunk” style and its functionality make it a great proposition for people who are extremely sensitive to sunlight (this is the result of the presence of side covers), as well as for owners of convertible cars. I bet that this solution will also be appreciated by amateurs of mountain escapades. Thanks to their pragmatic size and excellent workmanship, this model will not get old too quickly.
In my wardrobe there is a version in a dark blue colour, which goes well with a colourful T-shirt, tracksuit and a business garment. Let me remind you that this is a typically unisex model in which the fair sex will also feel original and phenomenal.

Otro Eyewer

Scrolling through Instagram some time ago I found an artist, eyewear enthusiast and founder of the Otro Eyewear brand – Erida Schaefer. I was delighted with her enthusiasm, contagious smile and design of the frames that I saw. Immediately I detected a female model that amazed me with its uncompromising, bold shape and fantastic dye. I didn’t look back, and in my hands I found a package sent straight from the Brazilian city of Florianopolis!
The word „otro” in Spanish means different. And actually! Erida creates completely different and unique glasses based on Italian acetate (including Mazzucchielli’s plate) and a hand-painted print placed between its two parts. Thanks to her enormous creativity, courage and artistic soul, the Brazilian handmade cannot be compared with any other eyewear brand.


Parasite is a producer of crazy and forward-looking eyeglass frames, sunglasses and condoned masks. As a crazy enthusiast of eyewear fashion, I would not feel comfortable not including in my list the French, innovative and luxurious brand created in 2002. For several years now, these glasses have intrigued me with their futuristic design, great workmanship and colours, and when visiting the largest optical events in Europe, I always stay longer at their exhibition stand. It is a brand that receives awards quite often during optical events, which I congratulate them with all my heart. These are awards for independence, creativity and courage in creating glasses.
My favourite eyewear from Parasite (and the choice was … atrociously difficult) became the sunglass model, combining the oval shape of the mirror lenses with a style straight from sci-fi movies with a characteristic, double retainers resembling parasite tentacles. It is an ideal proposition for strong and demanding bespectacled.


In the world of glasses, dominated by glamor, colour and variations of shapes, you can find a brand for which slightly different values ​​matter. It was created in the French cradle of glasses in Morez – a manufacture that since 1878, in accordance with classic elegance and attention to the smallest detail, creates real works of art by hand. These are glasses that fully deserve to be talked about all over the world over as luxury „made in France” product. For years, the Gouv / au brand has been using noble materials in its manufacture, basing its production primarily on traditional, oval forms of frames.
From the entire portfolio of the brand, my attention was drawn to the model of the frame with a sunscreen clip, which for me has become a minimalist answer to all and the reigning oversize. Perfectly made, subtle, very comfortable and perfectly modelled. It is an honour to wear glasses, which are an important part of the nearly 150-year-old French eyewear craft.

Mad in Italy

The glasses of the Italian brand established in 2010 are such that they dispel all doubts when we put them on. I could say with full responsibility that these are some of the most comfortable frames and sunglasses that have ever sat on my nose. And believe me – there have been a lot of them! Mad in Italy is synonymous with crazy Italian creativity, uncompromising design and the beauty of colour. But that’s not all. The company’s idea is also to create ultra-comfortable, ergonomic and perfectly fitting glasses.
This effect was achieved on the example of a model which is an innovative combination of nylon, titanium and metal. With all this, the flexibility of Mad in Italy glasses is unbelievable. See for yourself in the pictures how elastic they are.

The beauty and variety of glasses is a subject so wide that it would be difficult to fit in a thick book, let alone in the small, first part of the article on my blog. From year to year, I have the impression that, taking into account the eyewear design, everything has already been said, but nothing could be more wrong! The glasses are constantly surprising and will surprise us with their form, colour and technology.
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this article. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the second part to be published!


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